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Web-based Predictive Dialer Systems for Business

Amongst the various types of automated phone systems in the market today, web-based predictive dialers are one of the top systems used by both small and large businesses.

Choosing the perfect web-based predictive dialer for businesses can be confusing and downright stressful. With so much riding on the right choice, the pressure to make the best investment can be very high, and the sheer number of vendors and platforms available can be overwhelming. With the right information at your fingertips, however, the process doesn't have to be as complicated as it seems. In fact, starting with a good understanding of how an online predictive dialer works and then working through some the unique benefits and common features can help narrow the options.

Using Basic Goals as Your Guide

Each of the numerous predictive dialers out there have their own special benefits, but for call centers and businesses, knowing the business goals you're trying to reach by investing in a hosted predictive dialer service can make all the difference. Perhaps the goal is to cut costs, or maybe it's increasing the quality of customer service and the efficiency of your entire system. The best way to search for the right product for your business is to determine your top business goals, and let these guide the search for the best technology on the market.

How does it Work?

An online predictive dialer can be defined as one that runs on software as a service (SaaS) technology, sometimes known by another techie term, cloud computing. Despite all of the buzz about the power of the “the cloud,” one might be hard-pressed to find out what this fairly new terminology really means. For predictive dialers, basically, it means that rather than running on hardware that must be purchased and installed, an online predictive dialer requires only a good Internet connection and a software service provider paid monthly rather than with a flat rate.

Unique Benefits

Because they require less hardware, web-based predictive dialers for businesses definitely cut costs and hassle. Most don't even require phone lines. This easily makes for a stress free set up that can take hours rather than days and gives agents the ability to work from anywhere. In addition, most hosted platforms boast anywhere from 200 to 400% increases in contact rates due to the increased efficiency of these systems. Further familiarity with the hefty, unique benefits of web-based hosted dialers can help determine which products should remain on your short-list.

Common Features

Across the board, web-based auto dialers offer several key features decision-makers should know about. Consider each product's ability to support outsourcing goals. With online predictive dialers, agents can work from anywhere, anytime by simply signing on to a website. Other common features address security issues – a major concern when private information will be shared and exchanged over an Internet connection. Additionally, it is also important to consider the consistency in power supply in order to ensure that your web-based hosted dialer is always functioning despite crashes.

Popular Platforms

With knowledge about the basic functionality, benefits and features of web-based predictive dialer systems for businesses, the best options are simply a phone call, or Internet connection, away. Keep in mind that most platforms offer training and support, and take full advantage of these services for your business. For instance SafeSoft Solution's Maket Dialer is backed by a supportive online video, unlimited minutes, free tech support, and a 3-day free trial of the full version. Five 9, another popular platform offers a 48-hour setup as well as certification for agents and managers.

These are just a few of the many web based services offered. Keep these valuable tips in mind to find only the best of the best for your business or call center.


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