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Used Predictive Dialer Guide

When it comes to automated phone systems, used predictive dialers can often provide a high level of performance with minimal costs.

When you can find just about anything on the Internet these days, a used predictive dialer guide can come in handy. Many businesses offering used predictive dialers don't let the buyer in on a few very important details which can result in significant losses, not to mention severe buyer's remorse. The savings involved make it difficult to pass up the good bargain that used predictive dialers have to offer, but before making that next purchase, it might be worth it to do a little investigating and research. Keep in mind the following factors that can help guide the decision.


Consider that an 8-person predictive dialer with server can cost approximately $7800, and gauge the savings on a used predictive dialer from there. Some used dialer providers boast 50% savings, which could be a legitimate claim considering the agreement made between provider and manufacturer. Savings are based on relicensing fees as well as the costs of any inclusive material such as headsets, training and support. Keep this in mind, especially when perusing used predictive dialers on Ebay and Craigslist, and always consult a good used predictive dialer guide beforehand.


Legitimate used predictive dialer providers will always communicate a relicensing fee, and this is usually the bulk of the price for a used predictive dialer. Re-licensing simply means that the end user must pay the original manufacture a fee in order to purchase and operate a used predictive dialer. If relicensing is not included or never mentioned, it may be a good indication that the device is out of date or not likely to come with valuable manufacturer support, and especially no warranties. Always check to be sure that this important factor is in place before purchasing.


Be aware that a 2nd hand predictive dialer may come without the original software included which may need to be purchased separately. This is ideal for business owners seeking to save on hardware while still taking advantage of the latest software technology on the market. To prevent future headaches and frustration, make sure that used devices are fully compatible with the software already in possession or envisioned for your business or call center. In any case, it’s always good to inquire about whether software is included in the used package before purchasing.

Support and Warranties

A good 2nd hand predictive dialer comes with both manufacturing support and a solid warranty. These are two important features that separate the good from the bad in the world of used predictive dialers. It's important to know what you're paying for, so always inquire specifically about whether these are included in the package. When support and warranties are not offered, it may be because the original manufacturer is no longer in operation. If there is ever a problem with your used system, you'll need somewhere to turn for help, so consider these factors wisely.

What's the Catch?

Any used predictive dialer guide must mention both the pros and cons of purchasing a 2nd hand predictive dialer. On the plus side, there are significant savings involved and lots to choose from. As more and more businesses upgrade to more advanced systems, they leave behind predictive dialers that are still quite useful and fully supported. On the negative side, buyers must beware of providers offering out of date or unsupported devices catering to those on the lookout for a cheap predictive dialer. Conduct thorough research, for the best purchases and support.


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