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Small Office Phone System

What is the best small office phone system for your business? On this page, we've included the top features and phone systems available to help you select the best small office phone system for your needs.

Small Office Phone System - The Top Features

In current times, small office phone systems can include many of the features that were once exclusive to big companies. In the days past, companies with big budgets and lots of employees were able to justify the investment in sophisticated PBX systems. Today, withe rise of hosted PBX and virtual PBX technology, as well as voice over IP phone systems, a lot of small office phone systems allow small businesses to sound much bigger.



Here are some of the top features available with small business phone systems. Some features are included in package offers, while others will require additional expenses, so consider carefully as you shop for the best small office phone system for your business.

Capacity. Ability to handle a single line, 2 lines, 4 lines or more. This will depend on the number of people working in the office and volume of incoming calls. More lines will allow more people to have conversations simultaneously. It will also allow more people to get through to your office when they are all calling at the same time.

Auto attendant. An auto attendant means that you do not need to have someone in the office answer and transfer calls. Instead, when a caller calls, they can listen to an automated phone menu and choose the extension option of their choice. Even if there is only one or two persons in the office, an auto attendant can impress callers with a corporate feel and help you to prioritize the handling of calls.

Caller ID. For some people, this is a must have feature. It is always good to know who is calling especially if you are expecting an important phone call.

Call waiting. Call waiting allows you to catch important incoming calls even if you are currently on the phone with someone else. This especially important if you are working in sales and marketing and don't want to lose a good prospect.

Bluetooth syncing with Cell Phone. Nowadays, there are many DECT phone system units that allow cell phones to sync up with the desk phone. Callers call your cell phone number and the system allows you to pick up the call on your desk phone, all done automatically and wirelessly. The wireless bluetooth technology will also synchronize phone books so you can easily access and dial phone numbers from the cell phone using the office phone. In today's world where the cellphone is an integral part of everyday business, this feature makes it easy to incorporate the cell phone into the office phone system.

Best Small Office Phone Systems

Voice Over IP Phone System or VoIP Business Phone System

When someone speaks on the phone, the analog voice data is transformed into digital data and routed over the internet (through IP or internet protocol), and then transformed back onto analog voice data again so that the person on the other end hears a clear high quality voice. This is how a voice over IP phone system or VoIP phone system works. Small business VOIP phone systems are all the rage these days or their affordability and large list of bundled features for one low monthly fee. Some people consider it the best small business phone system based on their low cost and high performance.

Virtual Phone System

A virtual phone system or virtual PBX system contains some of the features like auto attendant, automatic call distribution and numerous extensions. These feature were once only included within the domain of large business phone systems. It's called a virtual system because once upon a time, a system with features like this required the purchase and programming of central hardware equipment. Now, these are available as virtual systems and hosted through the vendor. It's very affordable and easy to set up.

Through the use of a virtual phone system, callers calling your number can be presented with an automatic phone menu of options to choose from. The great thing is that you and your staff do not even need to be located within the same office. Everyone can work remotely. Depending on the extension that the caller picks, the call will be routed to the right person. A virtual phone system can work with VoIP phone lines or regular phone lines.

Ring Central is a leader in offering virtual PBX phone system services to small offices. They have full feature packages that cost as little as $9.99 per month for automated answering, phone menu call routing, voice mail, plus multiple extensions.

Vtech Or Panasonic Small Office Phone System

These single or multi-line phone systems that can work with VoIP phone lines or regular phone lines. The advantage is that they offer an inexpensive way to set up multiple extension handsets and phone lines without any monthly subscription fees. It's also easy to set up. These systems can work as standalone single or multi line phone systems, or be combined with a virtual PBX system subscription additional features (eg auto attendant features, or automatic call distribution features). In particular, Vtech and Panasonic are recommended by many small business owners as providing excellent phone equipment.

Some top choices include this VTech 6.0 2 line expandable cordless phone system that accommodates up to 2 lines and 12 extension handsets. If you prefer a corded office phone system, this Panasonic 2 Line Corded Phone System comes with speakerphones on the individual phones.

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