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Predictive Dialing Software

The cornerstone of any good automated phone system for outbound auto dialing is the underlying predictive dialing software. It needs to be flexible, easy-to-operate and contain built-in pre-programmed best practice modules.

Many businesses have learned the advantage of quality predictive dialing software. With the numerous benefits the system will afford a company, there is no reason any call center should go without one. It's possible to find systems that are very affordable; companies who do not wish to spend large amounts of money up front can use a hosted system that only requires a monthly fee. Whatever type of software is chosen, the results will be well worth the money spent.

Automated Systems Make Agents More Productive

Having a predictive dialing application that will automatically dial telephone numbers in an outbound telemarketing situation is the best way to save time. Many studies have been done on the amount of time wasted on dialing numbers, disconnecting busy lines, and leaving messages, and have proven this type of software to drastically increase dialing productivity. The increase is largely dependent on the many features which can be selected for the phone software, and will therefore vary with each system.

Predictive Dialing Call Center Software Timesavers

The advantage of quality predictive dialing software lies heavily in the features that can be added to the package. One such feature is a DNC list scrub. This allows agents to make calls without having to scrub their own call lists first. The system will do the work for them and then place the calls. Another excellent feature is the automated voice mail message. This allows agents to record a voice mail message one time, which will be used automatically any time an answering machine answers the call. These are just a few of the many time saving features available.

Minimize Idle Time

One of the most exciting features of the predictive dialing call center software is that it can detect idle time and appropriately route calls in such a way as to minimize that time. The system will dial the numbers and route calls immediately to the next available agent. This means there is minimal time between phone calls, which makes agents more productive and gives the opportunity for more sales. What's more, the system can begin to predict the usage time of agents and their idle time to make them even more effective.

Predictive Dialing Systems are More Efficient

When companies move from a traditional phone system with multiple lines to a predictive dialing application, they will notice company efficiency increasing almost immediately. Many companies have even reported an increase in overall productivity by almost 300%. Because certain features are designed to make quick work of scheduling follow up calls and logging the results of the current call, the agents can spend more time on selling their product or service instead of wasting time on clerical duties.

In short, efficiency is the main advantage of having predictive dialing software. Increased productivity results from efficiency, which in turn leads to more sales, and then more revenue. When companies make the initial investment to make the switch to predictive dialing systems they can expect to see a return on that investment relatively quickly. However, it is very important for companies to make sure they get all the key features available that will make them more efficient in order to get the most out of the new system.


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