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Commercial Phone Systems

Commercial phone systems today allow users to easily stay connected. Whether it is a traditional PBX commercial phone system or a VoIP business phone system, phone systems include lots of features to make communications easy and friendly.

A good commercial phone system offers any business a competitive advantage. It facilitates communications amongst co-workers, and teams can collaborate through the clarity of conference phone systems in different parts of the world. Good business phone systems also allow us to easily stay in touch with clients, vendors and partners. Despite the rise of email and text messaging, a phone system that delivers quality voice signals is still much needed in carrying on business today.



When it comes to choosing a good system, whether it is a large office or a small office phone system we are considering, the basic truths apply.

Commercial Phone Systems - Features To Consider

Firstly, you want to choose a system that offers sufficient capacity for your current incoming and outgoing phone needs, and the ability for the system to expand as the business grows. Some systems and equipment will max out with a certain number of lines or extensions, and it's going take extra overhead expenditures if you want to upgrade. At the same time, you do not want to buy into a system that have lots of extra capacity and spend more than you need to. Therefore selecting a system that serves your current needs with flexibility for growth is important. Some systems require specialized programming and hand holding to set up, so make sure that the vendor is willing to assist it through the process.

You also want to choose a system that can incorporate all the features that allow your business to work smoothly. A vendor and phone service provider who can offer you a good package deal is best. Here are some of the common features to consider:

  • Auto attendant
  • Automatic call distributor
  • Call accounting
  • Call blocking
  • Call forwarding on busy or absence
  • Conference call
  • Music on hold
  • Voice mailboxes and Shared message boxes (where a department can have a shared voicemail box)
  • Welcome Message

A good example of this is the Ring Central phone system. It comes complete with these features for a flat fee. Until recently, these phone systems would have required a substantial investment in hardware, programming and maintenance costs.

Commercial Phone Systems - Types Of Phone Systems

PBX phone system - PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems are meant for bigger offices, usually with 50 employees and more. When someone calls a number, it routes through the PBX system to the party at the extension. This is a digital business phone system that also incorporates fax lines and modems. Companies implementing this phone solution will need to purchase PBX hardware and program it to work.

Key phone system - This type of system is great for smaller offices that need less than 50 extensions. Today, Key systems offer many of the same functionalities of a PBX system. One obvious difference is that users need to manually select a phone line for outgoing calls. With a PBX system, you lift the handset and dial a number like "9" and it automatically selects a free line. This is run from a central Key control box and also requires programming to work.

PBX/ Key hybrid phone systems - Nowadays, most commercial phone system buyers are no longer as concerned with whether an underlying technology is PBX or Key, as many features that used to be only provided through a PBX system are now available through Key systems. A lot of systems are appropriately described as PBX/ Key hybrid systems, and they are suitable for small, medium or large offices.

Hosted PBX/ Virtual PBX systems - Another development is the rise of hosted PBX and virtual PBX systems. These are all systems that aim to provide the same breadth of features of a traditional PBX system but without the expensive costs of buying hardware, programming and maintenance. All hardware is located off site and hosted by the phone vendor. You pay and affordable monthly cost, and as you add new employees, its very easy to add additional lines and extensions. For its combination of reasonable pricing and features, many consider it the best small business phone system.

VoIP business phone system - This is known as a voice over internet protocol systems where voices are transformed into digital data packets and transmitted through the internet. Currently, the voice quality is very good. This also has the added advantage of low monthly phone service fees, as VoIP lines are cheaper. VoIP virtual PBX systems also include all the latest phone systems features like auto attendant, caller ID, call transfers, call distribution, multiple lines and much more.


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