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Best Small Office Answering Systems

For anyone who is considering operating a small business or working from home, it is important to consider what kind of small office answering system you will use. It is impossible to always be able to answer your phone while working, so any home office needs to include a telephone answering machine.

Panasonic KX-TG6572R DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System (One Line)

This wine-red cordless phone with two handsets will make a great addition to any home office. It sells on for around $65. While DECT 6.0 phones are already valued for their superior quality, this latest addition to their collection has improved transmission quality and an extended phone range. Adding this to a small office phone system is also a great means of lowering power costs and helping the environment, as the Intelligent EcoMode lowers power consumption when using the handset close to the base. With the use of Talking Caller ID, the phone will tell you who is calling between rings, removing the need to get up and check the Caller ID. Click to learn more.

AT&T 1739 Corded Digital Answering System (Answering Machine Only)

Depending on your expected call volume, all you really need may be to attach a good answering machine to your current phone. It's basic, but could get the job of collecting messages done. Currently, a best-selling and highly rated one is this AT&T telephone answering machine. The entire phone system cost under $18, and comes with a full list of features such as: digital memory with forty minutes of message time and built-in Message Guard backup memory to save any message during a power failure. The corded digital answering system is also very convenient for listening to messages when away, as messages can be accessed remotely from any touch-tone phone. Click to learn more.

VTech DS6151 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone (Two Lines)

Priced at around $65, this small office phone system includes only one handset, but offers the convenience of two phone lines. There is also a telephone answering machine and caller ID. With the two-line operation, it is possible for a home office to make and receive calls at the same time. Each line also has its own mailbox. The handset includes a speakerphone for added convenience. Click to learn more.

Panasonic KX-TG9392T 2-Line Corded/Cordless Phone with Answering System, Metallic Black, 2 Handsets (Two Lines)

While the greater cost of this particular system is a significant factor, coming in at under $200,, its convenient features make it a worthwhile investment when considering buying it for a small office phone system. From its single base, it is possible to add up to four additional handsets which make it possible to have a total of seven phones. Its two-line operation allows for three-way conference calling, and ringers can be turned on or off any handset. A light-up indicator will inform you of an incoming call. The corded line will also allow the option of making calls during power outages, so work will not have to stop just because the power does. Click to learn more.

The Virtual PBX: Convenient Setup

If you are looking for a small office answering system that provides multiple extensions and a call answering with menu routing, a Virtual PBX system is an effective way to achieve this. A virtual PBX offers many features like an auto attendant, phone extensions, menu routing options, call balancing and distribution you find in high level phone systems that were previously only available to large corporations with big budgets. This has been made possible due to advances in communications technology and internet protocol telephony.

Using a virtual PBX system such as Ring Central, it allows your existing phone line, cell phones, and PC to be integrated into one messaging system behind one central number. Partners and clients will only need to memorize one number to reach you. No extra equipment is needed for Ring Central to set you up with an account; so long as there is a phone in the house with a dial tone, calls can be answered.

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The Virtual PBX: Voicemail Options

Ring Central has a great voicemail setup for use in a home office. Messages and faxes can be received 24/7, and are saved in an online account that is accessed through online or over the phone. The messages can then be heard through the computer speakers, eliminating the need for further telephone answering equipment. Messages can even be sent to other people on the business team, ensuring greater efficiency in your work environment.

The Virtual PBX: Costs

A virtual PBX system such as that offered by Ring Central is an extremely cost-efficient small office phone system. Ring Central offers plans as low as $9.99 per month that will answer and route calls to your existing phone line, with no setup fees. If you need actual phone lines set-up, it will cost about $30/ month per user with unlimited calling and faxing. There is no commitment, and you can cancel at any time without any penalty or a cancellation fee. However, signing up for a yearly subscription can significantly decrease the phone system cost. In addition, there is a seven-day no risk trial. You can combine the use of these plans with existing phone equipment you own. If you are just starting the business and on a tight budget, this would save extra money.

When considering necessary equipment to start up a high efficiency home business, a small office answering system is a necessary investment. Among the many efficient telephone answering systems available, a virtual PBX is the most cost-efficient and hassle-free choice for the home or small office. Its use of pre-existing equipment for your small office answering system will save on installation fees, and provide an easy to use and valuable message taking system.