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Benefits of Automated Phone Answering Systems

As small business struggle with the myriad tasks that are required in a day, using automated phone answering systems can help alleviate the stress by handling the many phone calls and messages that come through. By using an auto attendant to aid in the workload, a small business will present an efficient and impressive image to potential customers.

Available Features

Automated telephone answering systems are filled with spectacular features that are very helpful to small business operators. Within one simple system there exists the capacity for call answering, call forwarding, call conferencing, as well as voice mail and fax features. The auto attendant provides a custom greeting to callers, and helps direct the caller to the appropriate number or messaging service. Messages can then be left in a voice mailbox, which will be forwarded to an e-mail address for easy retrieval. It is, without a doubt, an extremely effective tool to choose as your small business phone system.



Professional Image

A business will not run without customers, and customers will not invest their time and money into a business that does not provide a professional image. For a small business phone to convey that image, having an auto attendant receive incoming calls is a great way to start. Many big companies and offices already use automated telephone answering systems, so when a caller is greeted by an auto attendant it will convey to his mind a well-established business that can be trusted. This is a simple way to present any business as competent and professional, no matter how new it may be.

Increased Efficiency

Automated phone answering systems are the key to increased efficiency in handling business calls. The auto attendant will be able to direct calls to the proper location, and alerts can be set up to notify you when an important call or message needs to be answered promptly. Anytime you are not able to be at the office, the system can redirect calls to a designated extension, so you can still receive those vital calls.

Cost Effective

One of the main expenses in any business is paying staff members to work the phones. Automated telephone answering systems take away that high expense. There is no need to install extra equipment, as the phone system utilizes pre-existing phone lines and PC connections. While using an auto attendant makes no extra money, no money is lost, either. With current technology, automated phone systems are available starting from $10 per month, which is much less than will be spent on a receptionist! This type of small business phone system is also set to work anytime of day or night, and will never need vacation time or sick days which helps minimize the phone system cost.

Currently, Ring Central's virtual PBX system will automatically answer and route phone calls. The cost is very reasonable starting at $9.99 per month for an auto receptionist and 10 extensions.

Every good business needs a professional sounding and efficient phone answering service. Callers expect to be greeted by someone knowledgeable and able to direct them to the proper person. Automated phone answering systems are a highly efficient, cost effective, and professional choice for a small business phone that needs to present a good image to potential customers.