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Automatic Phone Dialer Buyers Guide

If you are looking into automated phone systems that can automatically schedule and dial callers, check out this Automatic Phone Dialer Buyers Guide for tips on finding a productive auto dialer system.

The automatic phone dialer is designed to help small businesses with call centers (even as small as 1 seat) to determine what to look for when purchasing predictive dialer software. There are many systems on the market today and each has something different to offer. It's important for individual call centers to determine what they need most out of a dialing application in order to make their company operate more efficiently. With these ideas in mind, it's easier to narrow down a search for the best system.



Automatic Phone Dialer with Automatic DNC Scrubbers

One of the most sought after features in an electronic phone dialer is the automatic DNC scrubber. This feature will automatically scrub any call list against the National Do Not Call Registry. Since this step must be done in order to be compliant with government standards for outbound telemarketing, it's best to find systems that can do it quickly and automatically. These phone systems can scrub entire lists before placing the calls, so the agent never has to even think about spending time looking up a number on the DNC registry.

Pop Up Windows

Pop up windows on the auto dialer system make placing calls a cinch. When the dialer places the call, it is routed to the next available agent. It triggers a pop up window on the agent's computer screen in order to give the necessary information about the person being called. This window can also include details on the outcome of prior calls to that person, so the agent can sound informed and prepared to speak with the client. This can make a business sound more professional and increase customer satisfaction.

Pre-recorded Voice Messages

A favorite feature among many readers of the automatic phone dialer is the ability to record a voice mail message one time and then have it automatically used each time an answering machine is reached. This means agents don't have to waste time repeating themselves on voice mail systems when they could be using their time to speak to live clients and make sales. It also allows for a seamless and professional sounding message to be delivered each and every time.

Scheduling Features

Since the sale is usually made on or after the third attempt, follow up calls are essential to the growth of the business. However, many sales agents do not always have good systems in place for making those calls. Some automatic dialing systems come with calendars for agents to schedule their follow up calls. These calendars often come with pop-up windows which remind agents when it is time to make the calls. Using a system like this will increase productivity immensely, as agents are better able to follow up with their clients.

This list is just a few of the most favored features listed for the automatic phone dialer. These systems are very advanced and can do almost anything when it comes to increasing efficiency and productivity of call center sales agents. Determining which of these features your company needs will help you to purchase the best predictive dialing system for your company.


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