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Automated Phone System

Are you looking for the best automated phone system for your business? It is important to be clear about type of system your business needs, the ease of set-up and cost of the automated phone system.

On the page, we will be discussing the top factors to consider when purchasing an automated phone system. We will be going over the main categories of systems, the features to consider, as well as the ease of set-up. After reading through this article, you will realize some of the differences amongst systems and be well on your way to selecting one that best matches your needs for an ideal office telephone system.



Automated Phone System - Determining The Type Of System You Need

There are two main categories of automated phone systems. One is an automated phone answering system, whereby the system picks up a phone call and then provides various options through an automated phone menu. the second kind is an automated phone calling system, whereby the system calls people from a list and does one of these things: presents them with a menu or options, connects them with a live person, leaves or plays a recorded message. These systems are separate and will should be considered separately when shopping for the right system or systems.

Automated Phone System - Features To Consider

Automated Phone Answering System - Some of the features to consider for this system is whether you want callers to be able to interact with the automated phone menu only through dial phone keypad, or also through voice. Voice responses will need to be processed through an interactive voice response or IVR phone system.

Other considerations include the number of extensions and depth of menu options that can be accommodated. Some automated phone answering system will also be able to automatically distribute calls that are being queued to the first available line. Yet others provide the ability to automatically receive a payment by credit card or checking account.

Automated Phone Calling System - Considerations for this system include the type of calls that you need to make. For example, if this is an automated notification call over a span of time, the system will need to integrate with your company's databases to determine the right person to call. Alternatively, if you have a ready list to call, do you need to just leave a message, or do you need a feature that will allow a person who is answering to speak live with a representative.

Automated Phone System - Ease Of Set-up

Ease of set-up is always an important consideration whenever any new systems are implemented. A long drawn out implementation means a loss of time and money. For automated phone systems, this could be especially important because it used to be difficult to set things up. Traditional, setting up a PBX phone system with an auto attendant phone would have taken many hours of programming time. Thankfully, the technology has evolved and there are many alternatives now. Some systems also include friendly web control panels that make it easy to set up an automated phone answering system menu of options. Others make it easy to do automated phone calling, where setting up a voice broadcast campaign takes just a few minutes.


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