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Automated Calling System For Small Business

The automated phone systems of today, even the more basic systems, have numerous features that will increase operations productivity. A good automated calling system can be a small business's leverage to increasing sales and customer engagement in a cost-effective manner.

An automated calling system is necessary for the success of any call center. Many business owners are reluctant to purchase this type of system out of fear it will be too costly. However, there are many systems today that are specifically made for small businesses and are very affordable. These systems usually come with a variety of features designed to make sales people more productive and more effective at earning sales. So be sure to look at all the features available before making a decision.



Automated Calling System Benefits And Features

One of the main reasons businesses want to purchase this type of system is to increase productivity. When production centers largely around outbound telemarketing calls, consider the amount of time sales representatives spend dialing. This type of system takes away that time and can actually increase dialing productivity by 30-80% depending on the system. Many also come with features that are designed to increase the amount of sales earned by representatives.

Hosted vs. Stand Alone Calling Systems

The first choice a business owner will need to make when purchasing automated phone calling systems is whether to purchase a stand alone system or one that is hosted. Hosted systems don't usually require the customer to purchase any hardware. Therefore, the only up front cost is a small set up fee; everything else is charged with a reasonable monthly fee. Stand alone systems allow the customer to save money in the long run, by shelling out a large amount up front to purchase the system. But, they may not offer any technical support.

Features to Look For

The features selected with the automated call distribution system will vary from business to business. Some systems come with features that automatically scrub lists against the DNC registry which saves lots of time. Other features include automatic messaging systems, so reps don't have to repeat themselves, pop-up windows that give details about the person being called, and ability to skip busy, disconnected, and unanswered lines. Calendars with pop-up reminders for call backs are also a very helpful feature.

Priced for Small Businesses

Some of the top rated systems have been competitively priced for small businesses. It is possible to find hosted call center systems that offer affordable monthly rates without long term contracts. This type of automated calling system for small businesses makes for an extremely affordable, risk free way to begin using the software that could increase the company's productivity. If a standalone system is preferred, there are many of those with lots of beneficial features at very affordable prices as well. Examples include hosted predictive dialing systems that do not require any large hardware investment but can deliver on sophisticated call distribution and auto calling sequences.

When shopping for an automated calling system for small businesses, price is usually the driving factor. However, since there are so many systems available with affordable prices today, make sure to look at all the features available as well. Sometimes, it's worth it to pay just a bit more for a few extra features that could bring in additional sales and make your call center much more productive. Before finalizing any purchase, it's a good idea to look at some consumer reviews to ensure you're getting the best quality.


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