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Auto Dialer System - Find The Ideal System

Whether you are looking into automated phone systems for a large call center, or for a one-person in-house call center operation, you can find an auto dialer system that caters to your needs.

In order to be competitive and successful in telemarketing, companies need to make use of the top auto dialer systems for call centers. Using the very best system can mean increasing dialing productivity by 30-80%. Many of the top systems will also help call centers to manage data with features like pop ups that display information on the person being called, call recorders, DNC scrubbers, and much more. Learning a bit about some of the top rated systems can aid in the decision of which software to purchase.



Spitfire Predictive Dialer

This predictive dialer system is flexible and easy to use. Customers get the advantage of quality technical support on the product, meaning they can feel confident it will be properly fixed if it breaks. It is a standalone system which incorporates an SIP based VOIP. It is competitively priced with a very high consumer rating. However, it may require an additional server depending on the current set up.

SolusOne's Virtual Call Center

This system is a hosted predictive dialer. It uses SIP based LAN technology. There is a reasonably priced monthly fee as well as a set up fee, but, there is no need purchase any hardware, and therefore, no major up-front costs. Consumers give it a high rating for functionality and usability. Features include unlimited recordings, monitoring modes, comprehensive CRM, transferring, scheduling, and access to remote agents.

Predictive Dialer 2.0

This top auto dialer system for call centers uses a web based VOIP system. The monthly fee and set up fee are competitively priced and the system is very easy to use. The company boasts a 67% increase in sales over the leading predictive dialer, as well as no dropped or abandoned calls. Some features include auto call back, one click voice messaging, and exceptional voice quality. It is also rated highly among consumers.

Five9's Virtual Call Center

This phone dialer system is hosted with SIP based VOIP. It is also web based. The set up fee and usage costs are very affordable and the system is rated well among users. One of the top features user comment on is that there are no long term contracts. The sound quality is good and the system is said to be one of the best for company's who do not want to own their own system. For smaller call-centers or in-house outbound calling departments, a system like this can be ideal.

Voicent's Predictive Dialer

This auto dialer software is a standalone system with SIP based VOIP and LAN technology. The price is very affordable and it rates well with customers. It is very easy and quick to set up and the system is user friendly and familiar. Features include automatically saving messages on answering machines, skipping busy lines, disconnected lines, and lines that aren't answered, as well as popup windows that give information on the person being called.

Finding the top auto dialer system for call centers can help increase productivity and sales, while streamlining many aspects of the job. Companies should first determine whether they want to own their own hardware, or if a hosted system would work best for them. Next, determine which features will be necessary for the call center, and then compare consumer ratings on the systems that offer those features. This will make it easy to purchase the best system for your call center.


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