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Auto Attendant Phone System

An auto attendant phone system provides productivity benefits to businesses and callers.

Auto Attendant Phone System - How It Works & The Benefits

An auto attendant answering system allows phone calls to be answered promptly and then routed to the right person or department. When a caller calls, he or she hears a greeting and is then invited to select from one of the automated phone menu options. A typical example would be, "Welcome to ABC company! For English, Press 1, For Spanish, Press 2." From a business economics perspective, it is much cheaper to set up an auto attendant phone system than to hire someone to answer the phone.

The automated phone answering system menu options then branch out from there and the caller can select where he or she needs to go. It is also reliable and predictable, as its a machine that can work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Callers may miss the sweet greeting of a receptionist, but it allows them to quickly get routed to the right person without having to weight for their call to be picked up and then manually transferred.



Auto Attendant Phone Systems / Automated Telephone Answering Systems

PBX Phone System

The functionality of an auto attendant phone system is provided through a PBX system, also known as a Private Branch Exchange system. Basically, when a caller calls, the call gets picked up by the central exchange and is then routed accordingly to one of the branches (extensions). Extensions can include both voice and fax lines.

Traditionally, PBX systems were only available for large companies, as the cost was very high. A business needed to order hardware and hire programmers to set the whole system up. In recent years, more affordable and easy to set-up PBX system equipment has entered the marketplace making it possible for small offices to run a PBX system in-house as well.

Hosted PBX System

Hosted PBX systems offer an attractive and effective alternative for small and medium sized businesses. The hardware necessary is located offsite, and hosted vendors take charge of operating and programming the system, all for an affordable monthly fee.

Virtual PBX System

In the last few years, virtual PBX systems has provided yet another twist to getting an auto attendant phone system on the cheap. Virtual PBX systems allow inbound calls to be routed through an offsite auto attendant phone system and the system then transfers the call to a designated phone line. Coupled with the rise of internet telephone systems (Voice over IP, VoIP systems), an auto attendant phone system menu can be set up for as little as $10 a month. That makes it a very affordable as a home or small office phone system.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR Phone System)

Callers are prompted to choose the appropriate options by choosing options through their dialing keypads. Some systems also work with , or else through voice interaction. An Interactive Voice Response System or IVR phone system accommodates voice responses from callers.

Auto Attendant Phone System - Top 3 Factors To Consider When Buying A System

When purchasing an auto attendant phone system for your business, these are the 3 most important considerations:

Features - One of the things is to consider is the type of features that are needed. How many extension boxes are needed? Do you need an interactive voice response (IVR) phone system? Do you need automatic call distribution features that will automatically route calls in a queue to the first available extension?

Ease of Programming/ Set-up - An auto attendant phone system should be easy to set up, within reason. Obviously, with a large corporation that is setting up and programming it's own PBX system, a certain amount of programming is to be expected. For small offices choosing to go with a hosted PBX or virtual PBX solution, they should definitely consider a vendor who makes the set-up process very easy. A number of providers offer guided online control panels that make it easy to navigate through and set the systems up quickly.

Cost of auto attendant phone system - The purpose of any business is to make at least a sustainable profit, or it may cease to exist. Cost is therefore something to considered with care. There are many options and good services available these days that make getting an auto attendant phone system affordable. Comparison shop before you choose one.

Small businesses with 1 to 150 employees would want a flexible system that includes as many productivity enhancing features as possible. Currently, Ring Central's services does just that, and at affordable prices. Their technological infrastructure has enabled them to serve customers well, providing comprehensive phone systems that are comparable to the more expensive ones that large corporations use. Check out their plans if you are looking for a full-featured system without the pain of high prices and tough contract commitments.


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